Report: 95% of Employees Agree that IT Issues Decrease Workstation Productivity and Morale


  • Businesses that go above and above to elevate the employee experience from satisfactory to excellent will be successful.
  • This new evidence demonstrates that getting DEX where it needs to be in a remote working environment will only take time, preparation, and complete company support.

Organizations began experimenting with remote and hybrid work in 2020, but millions of knowledge workers saw these practices become regular operating procedures in 2021 and 2022. For many firms, this was the starting point of the journey toward a Digital Employee Experience (DEX). 1E and Vanson Bourne tried to understand the critical shift in how businesses will approach IT strategies and DEX with the remote/hybrid adaptation.

The study’s findings demonstrated that some significant and pervasive issues with employee experience wouldn’t be resolved by placing a “DEX band-aid.” 95% of employees claim that IT issues interfere with employees’ digital work experiences, reducing their productivity and demoralizing workplace morale.

To combat IT difficulties and grow digital data share in their operations, businesses have started introducing new technologies, performing DEX maturity audits, and building Centers of Excellence (CoE). These developments will enable firms to pinpoint the root causes of their issues and rectify them by raising DEX to enhance the productivity and well-being of remote workers.

Businesses that go above and above to elevate their employee experience from satisfactory to excellent will be successful. 91% of employees claim that their employer has a plan or is creating one, emphasizing the importance of DEX. Most of those surveyed (80%) also acknowledge the importance of DEX as a vital component of a plan for digital transformation. However, almost all of them (90%) assert that it needs improvement.

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